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“We have no choice but to be successful because of the way the Network leads.”

Lisa KlabundeHigh School Principal

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Due to their small size and the willingness of teachers to embrace change, ask questions, and be vulnerable, Wilton Public School is able to adopt and implement new initiatives quickly and effectively. -SEL Network Facilitators

Problem Of Practice

How do we establish a process to gain commitment from all stakeholder groups (students, school board, educators, community) in order to explicitly address SEL in annual school improvement plans?

Growth Opportunities

Identifying ways to get students actively involved in school-wide SEL work. 

Developing a greater understanding of universal screening—not just how screening works, but why it is important, and what goals should include.

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Lisa Klabunde, High School Principal

Approaches to SEL

Utilizing Second Step Social-Emotional Learning curriculum in all classrooms K-8.

  • Using explicit, positive language to celebrate students’ successes.
  • Setting clear learning goals and expectations. 
  • Practicing morning meeting process in all classrooms. These meetings take a variety of different shapes, all with non-academic focus to create a sense of belonging in the classroom.
  • Creating opportunities for students to share their voices and shape their school’s culture.
  • Establishing mentorship pairings between high school and elementary students.
  • Recognizing accomplishments as a school and community through events like quarterly Minor Moments celebrations.
  • Practicing intentional relationship building: assigning each teaching staff and paraprofessional 1-3 students to foster relationships with based on specific needs and interests.
  • Building trust, addressing trauma, and preventing future harm through restorative practices.
  • Undergoing training and establishing plans to integrate Sources of Strength groups, restorative practices, and circle time into high school classrooms.
  • Profile of a Graduate serves as a foundation for alignment and coherence. 
  • Profile of an Educator drives hiring practices.
  • Currently studying ND SEL Network Goals – ND Content Standards Crosswalk and finding ways to integrate in middle and high school classrooms.

Facilitators of Systemic SEL

  • Allocating time and financial resources for professional development.
  • Understanding that all kids have different needs and identifying the best ways to support them.
  • Recognizing the value of universal data as a way to gain understanding of the overall health and wellness of the entire system, as well as every child.
  • Utilizing Professional Learning Community (PLC) time intentionally to establish and progress monitor goals, as well as ensuring fidelity. 
  • Onboarding all elementary staff in CHAMPS classroom management framework and performing fidelity checks throughout the school year.
  • Bringing students into small-group instruction and What I Need (WIN) time to provide what they need, academically, behaviorally, socially and emotionally.
  • Leveraging ND Full-Service Community Schools Consortium membership to bring additional services, such as mental health support, to students with greater social-emotional needs.
  • Utilizing multiple data points, including attendance, academic and behavioral data, to gain a comprehensive understanding of each student.


For Wilton, I think it was really important to join the NDSEL Network both for explicit guidance on the most current research, processes, and strategies, but also to help us keep track of that full picture. We really have no choice but to be successful because of the way the Network leads. It's given our staff a lot of tools, resources, education, and the confidence to be leaders as well.

Lisa KlabundeHigh School Principal
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