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“The Network provided us with a focus that we couldn’t provide for ourselves.”

Cindy WeigelSchool Counselor

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Napoleon Public School’s greatest strength is a willingness by both teachers and administrators to embrace difficult conversations about behavioral and emotional well-being. 

Problem Of Practice

How do we encourage adults to recognize their own SEL strengths and needs, in order to better serve the strengths and needs of students?

Growth Opportunities

Identifying opportunities to extend explicit instruction of SEL skills into secondary (grades 7-12) classrooms by adopting developmentally appropriate SEL curriculum resources.

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Cindy Weigel, School Counselor

Approaches to SEL

  • Integrating Seven Mindsets (Social-Emotional Learning curriculum resource) in all classrooms.
  • Beginning each day with morning meetings to foster community, safety, and trust within the classroom.
  • Creating a supportive environment through the CASEL SEL 3 Signature Practices: Welcoming Inclusion Activities, Engaging Strategies, and Optimistic Closures.
  • Practicing intentional relationship building through the Two-by-Ten strategy, wherein each teacher identifies one student to spend two minutes with everyday for ten days, discussing the students’ interests and life outside of the classroom. 
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Facilitators of Systemic SEL

  • Providing professional development opportunities dedicated to Adult SEL, including guest speakers and book studies.
  • A Multi-Tiered System of Support Leadership Team, consisting of 10 Napoleon educators, routinely work together to identify and implement solutions to meet academic and behavioral needs within the district.
  • Beginning in Fall 2021, Napoleon Public School will utilize FastBridge screening tools for the purpose of supporting students “at risk” of academic, behavioral, social, and emotional challenges.
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  • Conducting surveys of students, staff, and caregivers and utilizing responses to make informed decisions regarding engagement and school climate/culture.


In a small school like ours, each staff member wears so many hats that it can be difficult to get everyone to the same table. It has been very beneficial for us to have someone to coach us in being the leaders who talk about SEL. The Network provided us with a focus that we couldn’t provide for ourselves.

Cindy WeigelSchool Counselor
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