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““Relationships are everything. Educators and leaders say so daily. It is most certainly true with this ND SEL Network. They listen and respond so schools can succeed.””

Melissa StanleyMPS District Professional Learning

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The unique approach to implementation of systemic SEL of Minot Public Schools that includes the investment in building of staff capacity district-wide through teacher leadership has emerged as a strength. The establishment of the Minot Public Schools SEL District Capacity Lead Team, Minot Public Schools Trauma-Informed Practices for Schools Leadership Team as well as school Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports teams are a unique result of this strength. -ND SEL Network Facilitators

Problem Of Practice

How do we know if our Tier 1 SEL support is sufficient?

Growth Opportunities

Identifying ways to monitor the fidelity and evaluate the effectiveness of SEL implementation throughout the district. This essential component of our system can easily get lost amidst the day-to-day routines and challenges of supporting the needs of all students across the district.

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Melissa Stanley, MPS District Professional Learning

Approaches to SEL

  • Utilizing Second Step (Social-Emotional Learning curriculum resource) K-8.
  • CURRENT FOCUS: Beginning implementation of ND SEL scales to provide clarity around a learning progression that allows students to reflect upon, communicate, and advocate for their own needs.
  • Hosting morning meetings to foster a sense of belonging, community, safety, and trust within the classroom.
  • CURRENT FOCUS: Clearly defining expectations for universal instruction within each classroom.
  • Building on Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) practices by identifying PBIS coaches in every school; defining, teaching, and reinforcing positive behaviors; regularly evaluating the system using the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ); and action planning as a result of BoQ data analysis.
  • Demonstrating intentional relationship building by establishing Love and Logic beliefs at all schools, embedding a universal philosophy for how to speak with and to students. 
  • Providing the opportunity for all new teachers to the district to participate in New Teacher University, where they are onboarded in PBIS work, Second Step curriculum, Sources of Strength programming, Love and Logic tennants, and district-wide connections.
  • Sources of Strength Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors messages of hope, help, and strength are normalized and spread throughout secondary campuses.
  • CURRENT FOCI: Beginning initial implementation of restorative practices.
  • CURRENT FOCI: Intentionally matching resources with identified relational needs by adopting and implementing a district-wide relationship mapping protocol and response protocol.
  • Coming Soon!

Facilitators of Systemic SEL

  • The Minot Public Schools SEL team has learned to view time, no matter how limited, as a resource rather than a barrier. Maintaining a common focus and energy for systemic SEL work allows the Minot Public Schools team to set and achieve ambitious goals. 
  • Reinvigorating the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework at a district level in order to best serve the academic, behavioral, social, and emotional needs of students returning to in-person learning in 2021.
  • Minot Public Schools has established a district Trauma-Informed Practices for Schools (TIPS) Team with representation from each school and a regular meeting schedule to identify district & school-specific needs, build staff capacity, and monitor implementation progress using the ND TIPS Needs Assessment. This team has most recently invested in SEL and Family Engagement as Trauma-Informed Practices for Schools.
  • Currently vetting surveys that would be given to staff, students, and families to gauge their perspectives on school climate, culture, and education in general—for example, if they feel welcome, valued, and accepted.
  • CURRENT FOCUS: Recognizing that this is an area for growth, the Minot Public Schools SEL team is developing a series of actionable steps that will empower teachers to not only evaluate the efficacy of SEL work in their classrooms, but celebrate the successes and overcome the challenges.
  • CURRENT FOCUS: Ensuring universal access to quality tier 1 instruction, in part by establishing guaranteed & viable curriculum.
  • Implementing the Panorama dashboard to house all student data—including attendance, academic testing scores, discipline referrals, intervention tracking, perception (school climate and culture) data—in one place, allowing teachers and school teams to make informed decisions on how to best support students. 
  • An established District Data Lead Team will begin facilitating the processes outlined within the MPS Data-Informed Practice Playbook, with leaders throughout the 2021-22 school year.


We recognize that the more we learn about SEL, the more questions we have. This is a continuous journey for us as the needs of students, staff, and families vary greatly and continue to change. The journey we are on is not a sprint, and making small changes over time can embed healthy practice that is sustainable.

Melissa StanleyMPS District Professional Learning
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