What is Social & Emotional Learning?

SEL is the process through which we acquire the knowledge and skills to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

What is ND SEL Network?

The NDSEL Network is a collaborative space for school representatives to share experiences, celebrate successes, and break down barriers to the implementation of systemic SEL. To date, our members have impacted more than 43,000 students across North Dakota. 

Minot Public Schools

“The Network has taught us that we can learn a great deal from other schools and leaders who find success in a variety of unique ways.”

Melissa Stanley, MPS District Professional Learning
Napoleon Public Schools

“The Network provided us with a focus that we couldn’t provide for ourselves.”

Cindy Weigel, School Counselor

Wilton Public School

“We have no choice but to be successful because of the way the Network leads.”

Lisa Klabunde, High School Principal

Valley City Public Schools

“We’ve been able to meet the needs of more students through our SEL system.”

Vanessa Kocka, Elementary School Counselor
Turtle Mountain Community High School

“Most challenges aren’t unique to one school, so it is nice to have this network of schools to bounce ideas off of.”

Lisa St.Germaine, Special Education Teacher
Grand Forks Public Schools

“When I think of the SEL Network, it is about bringing people together, sharing resources, and collaborating with each other.”

Geoff Gaukler, Mental Health Coordinator